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Welcome to Michael Dalton's blackjack, poker and card counting information and strategy site for players who can think. We are the home of Dalton's free online edition of the Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One and an amazing Blackjack and Poker catalog for the serious player!  Enjoy free blackjack, poker and gambling strategy information, blackjack and poker rules and recommended links.  We include only editor approved gambling, blackjack and poker strategy books, reports, software and videos. We feature the top names in blackjack and poker software including Casino Verite's blackjack card counting and Mesa Verde's Baccarat Buster software. If you are interested in online play be sure to check out our casino bonus codes. We are not owned by any casino operation and are devoted to providing honest and accurate information that players can use to beat (i.e., gain a theoretical advantage in) today's tough casino games. DISCLAIMER

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Blackjack Review - Complete Collection by Michael Dalton
This is the complete 23 issue collection of Blackjack Review - Summer 1992 to Winter 1998.  This hard-copy magazine format is no longer being published.  Individual issues are also available.

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